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Tuning the pendulum motion of the putter shaft with green speed enables the golfer to improve his distance control on all putting surfaces regardless of green speed or putt distance, thus improving putting distance accuracy. With more accurate distance control, a golfer will not be leaving their putts long or short anymore.

This technology will revolutionize the way the game of golf is played. This golf putter technology allows all levels of golf players to putt with more accuracy than ever before.

Watch these three videos to learn more about how Paradigm Golf Shaft's Internal Weight Assisted System can help your game.

Green Speed/Weight Positioning Chart

Paradigm Golf Shaft's have designed a chart that can assist the golfer in using the Slotted Shaft Technology as it relates to green speed, weight and weight positioning along the shaft. Position 1 is at the grip end.

One can choose from six different slot positions along the entire length of the shaft itself. Once you have determined the green speed, simply refer to the included Weight Positioning Chart and place the weight into the suggested position for the chosen green speed. Secure the weight into the slot with the provided tool and screws. The putter is now tuned to the putting surface you are playing on.

The goal of this System is for the golfer to develop a consistent stroke - same take-back distance and application of force/acceleration. This can be attained by repeated practice putts on a uniform green. The end result will be the ability to reliably execute a putt that goes a set distance. Thereafter, the Internal Weight Assisted System, in conjunction with the appropriate weight and positioning along the shaft, is used to attain that distance regardless of green speed while using the same consistent stroke every time. Without Paradigm's Internal Slotted Shaft Technology, a player must constantly adjust their stroke to account for changes in green speed. This has the tendency of rendering the player's stroke less and less consistent.

Our present approach accelerates the learning process by allowing the player to develop a consistent stroke while at the same time, be able to respond to changes in green speed. The key to Paradigm's memory-muscle ROM is through our Internal Weight Adjusted System.

The System

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