A sampling of our beta testers surveys.

Actual testimonials through Survey Monkey.

"The most important thing to be a great putter, hands down, is controlling the speed of the putts. When I see most amateurs play, you'll see the putt ten feet past the hole, fifteen feet past the hole, and end up way short. This technology makes it simple and gives everyone the opportunity to due that."

Derek Deminski Arizona - Club Pro

"Well in my experience over the years, I've tried all different kinds of putters, different kinds of golf clubs and I've always experimented with putters. I've even invented some putter heads of my own but this is the first time I've seen any changes in the shaft and I was impressed with that and wanted to try it so when I took the putter out on the putting green I noticed the consistency with my distance and the feel of the putter. It wasn't head heavy; it wasn't grip heavy the way it was balanced throughout the whole putter. So consequently I could get better distance, I've always been a good putter so mine wasn't that much of a problem."

Chuck Willmore Arizona - PGA Certified Instructor 40 year Golf Pro

"I owned a Scotty California and an Odyssey White Hot. This putter will stay in the bag. Thinking of selling the other putters."

Don H. Arizona (fitted with TaylorMade Rosa Core Classic)

"Over the past year I've been working shaving two strokes off my handicap. This new technology, with the slotted shaft, has given me the ability to adjust this putter to the green speed allowing me to be more accurate and closer putts to the hole."

Frank F. Arizona - 10 handicap

"A quick-change tool allows you to customize the shaft allowing for varying weights and position along the shaft, depending on your style, green speed or even the way a particular course is playing on a given day. Slower greens will require a lower positioned weight, to allow the club to power the ball while you focus on the lie, the set up and the break. I am truly amazed by my under par performance with this revolutionary shaft."

Gene C. Arizona (fitted with Guerin Rife Vault 001 Iconic Z)

"After only about ten putts, five went in and five were extremely close to the hole and I've always had a lot of trouble with distance control and accuracy so; it seemed to help a lot."

Melissa Olson Arizona - Junior Golf Award Winner

"To start with, when playing on different courses, this putter takes a bit of getting used to. However, with a couple of rounds with different green speeds, six foot puts go in six times out of ten."

Bob T. Arizona (fitted with Odyssey White Hot XG)

"Never seen this kind of shaft design before; I find it is easy to change the weight position and use - to roll the ball down my intended line, whether its a long or short putt."

Dr. Joseph T. Arizona (fitted with Odyssey Versa 330 Mallet)

"I either hit the ball too hard or too soft leaving my putts either long or short. Not any more. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to test-drive your putter shaft, I've taken one stroke off my game in the last 3 months. Thx for the club."

Michael W. Arizona (fitted with Ping Cadence TR B65 Mallet)

"Couldn't be more pleased with the Ping Anser/ Winn set-up you outfitted me with to try (and keep)."

Steve K Arizona