When the golf enthusiast thinks of a shaft, they think Paradigm Golf Shafts.

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One percent of the earth's surface is covered in golf courses. Half of your golf score is on the putting green. The only change in the putter shaft in the last 7 decades has been from wood to steel... until now. There are essentially three parts to a golf club: head, shaft, and grip. Either end may or may not be weighted. No golf manufacturer produces an adjustable weight golf shaft until now. From Paradigm Golf Shafts, we see the next point on the golf history time line: The patented E.D.G.E. golf shaft - Engineered Designs for Golf Enhancement. This is a revolutionary golf shaft that allows the player to change weights, and their placement along the shaft, to match the green speed on any course.

The great gift about golf is that it conceptually lays down the perfect playing field for success. How the game exemplifies and characterizes life that will carry over into your business, personal relationships, marriage and family, faith, and other earmarks of those who want to attain the finer virtues of growth. An individual in which to model after. One with integrity, decision making abilities, mental fortitude, and the ability to recognize that the game of golf parallels life and the characteristics that are critical to success.

It is important for the golfer to have confidence in the way they set-up to the ball, visualize the perfect ball path to the hole, in the way they swing, and finally, execute the putt using your EDGE shaft. The putter shaft influences the functionality of your swing and your swing defines your putting game.

Putting is half your score. Isn’t it about time you got some help from your putter? The revolutionary Slotted Shaft Technology (SST) synchronizes your putter to the putting surface. You will strike the ball with confidence and your distance and speed control will be greatly improved.

If you really want the best results from your golf putter, have a professional fit conducted by your golf pro using your favored head and grip. You will be more successful with your new EDGE putter, which is now specifically tailored to your personal preferences. This will give you the consistent confidence you need. The Ability to Control the ball.

If you believe the game of golf exemplifies and characterizes life, and you wish to knock strokes off your game, then support Paradigm Golf shafts Indiegogo crowdfunding launch in the near future to further develop. On that path, the USPTO has recently granted Patent Pending on the next generation called Precise Weighting Technology (PWT).

Please view the photos of my shop and the stacked USPS mailing tubes containing bubble-wrapped shafts and accessories, sealed and ready for shipment as the two, top tiered premier perks. Polished or anodized and powder-coated. The common thread that Apple, Amazon, Google, HP, and Parsons Technology share, we all started in the garage or basement.

Thus far, Northland Pioneer College, NPC SBDC analysts, Sky Nerd Studios, Freedom Fabricator’s, and Anthony Ray Contreras are all Team Players that are bringing this vision to life. Thank you all.

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