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The two most important variables in putting are: speed and distance.

The two most important variables in putting are: speed and distance. What amount of force must be generated to produce the correct club head velocity to reach the target? Not only must the ball reach the target, but it must do it at a specific speed which allows the ball to travel the contour of the green correctly (break), so that the ball will reach the target and not go the way the green is shaped, but the way the golfer desires.

A golf club, particularly the putter, conforms to the physical laws governing pendulums. A specific force exerted upon the grip, produces a certain putter head speed that then strikes the ball. To achieve the desired club head speed, one must take the putter head back and forth on the same plane similar to a pendulum in a grandfather clock. The amount of distance the club is taken back (to achieve proper club head velocity) must match the amount of distance the club moves forward after ball impact. It is at this point the Slotted Shaft Technology comes into play. As putting distances increase, the amount of distance the pendulum or putter must be taken back increases. As distance in the take back area increases, so does the margin of error. With more take back distance, the tendency is for the putter head to twist and turn off of dead center - perpendicular putter head to ball contact.

In golf nomenclature, this twist and turning is referred to as a push or pull. A push is when the club head strikes the ball with the heel section of the putter head aligned ahead of the toe section. This non-square or non-perpendicular strike scenario causes the ball to move to the right of the intended target line. A pull occurs when the putter's toe is ahead of the putter's heal at putter head to ball contact. The end result of this scenario is a pull - the ball travels to the left of the intended target line.

With Paradigm Golf Shafts Slotted Shaft Technology, a golfer can increase putter head velocity by simply placing the desired amount of weight at the desired position between our patented, split-shaft design. By moving the weight more towards the grip of the putter, the club head velocity is slowed with a constant force applied to the grip end. Therefore, a practiced golfer can use less force and less pendulum take back distance to achieve the desired result. Less take back distance, coupled with our Internal Weight Adjusted System reduces error. Under par. Every time.

When the golf enthusiast thinks of a shaft, they think Paradigm Golf Shafts.

Victor Gasho

Structural Engineer Paradigm Golf Shafts