About Paradigm Goft Shafts

Paradigm uses the principle of momentum arm from the laws of physics to describe the dynamics that occur when one has the ability to control the amount of weight and the position on the "arm" or shaft. As one moves the weight more towards the putter head, for the same amount of force, putter head velocity increases. Moving the weight more towards the grip, deceases putter head speed. This Slotted Shaft Technology increases a golfer's control that affects 5 main areas:

The design and science behind the Slotted shaft system is based upon a fundamental law of physics – the law of inertia. “The main challenge of this design was to be able to put enough weight into the shaft and to allow enough tune-ability and flexibility for the golfer to the amount of weight he wants the putter to perform”, says Paradigm’s Structural Engineer, Victor Gasho. “And so, we had to make it structurally sound, we used 6061 T6 aluminum, which is an aircraft grade just so that we had just enough strength after putting all the slots into the shaft for the weights”. By adjusting the weight and its position along the internal length of the putter shaft by aligning to the Stimpmeter green speed reading. Through adjustment, this eliminates green speed error, while maintaining muscle-memory Range of Movement (ROM), and Moment of Inertia (MOI) independent of green speed.

The idea for the slotted Shaft Technology system came from the grandfather clock. To adjust how the clock keeps time, you raise or lower the weight on the pendulum. The pendulum swings the same distance, but faster or slower depending on the position of the weight. Mr. Gasho goes on to say, “The typical green speeds are 6 – 14. The higher the number, the faster the green as measured by the Stimpmeter. The lower the number, the slower the green. Why is this important to a golfer? It is important to the golfer because it allows the golfer to speed-tune his putter to the speed of the green”.