The EDGE putter shaft - Engineered Designs For Golf Enhancement

Putting is about two main variables: speed and distance. The speed of a green is critical in knowing how much force a golfer must exert on the putter head to achieve the correct putt distance. If we reduce our margin of error by having a shorter take back distance in our putting stroke, we have less chance of a pushed or pulled putt. A golfer needs to have more control over club head speed. We achieve this control by adjusting the amount of weight and its position along the internal length of the putter shaft by aligning to the Stimpmeter green speed reading. Through adjustment, this eliminates green speed error, while maintaining consistent muscle-memory Range of Movement (ROM) and Moment of Inertia (MOI) independent of green speed. Methodology: Follows the laws of momentum arm.

About PGS

Paradigm Golf Shafts has acquired patent on the next generation of golf shaft innovation. The revolutionary Slotted Shaft Technology that synchronizes your putter to the speed of surface. Most golfers understand that speed and distance control are the keys to good putting, lower scores, and a greater enjoyment of the game.

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The two most important variables in putting are: speed and distance. What amount force must be generated to produce the correct club head velocity to reach the target? Not only must the ball reach the target, but it must do it at a specific speed which allows the ball to travel the contour of the green correctly (break), so that the ball will reach the target and not go the way the green is shaped, but the way the golfer desires.

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The putter shaft influences the functionality of your swing and your swing defines your putting game. To find the proper combination of these variables is imperative.

There are many reasons a putter needs re-shafting: It may be to improve performance, change the feel of your putter or simply that your putting game has advanced beyond the current level of your shaft's capability. Our goal at Paradigm Golf Shafts is to claim a commanding position within the annual 45 million, worldwide re-shaft market.


With Paradigm Golf Shafts Slotted Shaft Technology, a golfer can increase putter head velocity by simply placing the desired amount of weight at the desired position between our patented, split-shaft design. By moving the weight more towards the grip of the putter, the club head velocity is slowed with a constant force applied to the grip end.

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